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Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday LIVE: 2017 Intercept Red Blend

  The 2017 Intercept Red Blend is from a wine label founded by legendary NFL defenseman Charles Woodson, from Fremont Ohio, but who got into wine while playing for the Oakland Raiders. Training camp was near Napa, and it was there Charles got hooked. Fast Facts About This Wine: Roble means “oak” in Spanish, Paso…MORE

WW Cline Ancient Vine

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel

One of Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines Of The Year again is Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel. Every year I usually peruse the WS list, look at the prices, and think “oh well, can’t afford these…” but you can find this wine for around $15 at Kroger! After I picked up a bottle and tasted it, I…MORE

WW Intrinsic Cabernet

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon

There is a lot of experimentation going on in the wine world today, especially in Washington State, and I love it. Not only are we seeing interesting blends and grape varieties that are new to the American continent, but winemakers are also experimenting with aging techniques. There’s still plenty of traditional aging in new French…MORE


Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Bonanza Cabernet

One of the most memorable wine experiences of my life was when I got to taste three so-called “super premium” Cabernets from Napa Valley. These wines are way out of my price range, truly top-of-the-line, and it was unbelievable luck that I got to taste even one, let alone three! One of those bottles was…MORE


Wine Stories – The Wines of Southern Italy

Brian Demay and sommelier Steve Tartaglia wrap up their Wines Of #Italy series with a look at Southern Italian wines, as well as those from the islands of Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia, and we taste our way through three beauties (below): – Fiano Di Avellino Feudi Di San Gregorio, a phenomenal white from southern Italy’s Avellino…MORE

Culprit Edit

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: The Culprit

Every now and then I just grab a bottle of wine on a whim. Maybe the description grabs me, or the label. I don’t recommend this every time, but sometimes it helps to get out of our comfort zone a bit, and try something new. Over the weekend I grabbed this strange looking bottle, it’s…MORE

WW Frei Bros

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Frei Brothers Reserve Zinfandel

There are so many tales of noble grapes whose reputations have been ruined by bulk producers. Consider Chianti, an elegant and legendary Italian red whose image is now relegated to bitter swill found in cheap straw-covered bottles, of which millions were sold. Chianti is not that. The image of Riesling has likewise suffered, by being…MORE

WW Revelry

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Revelry Cabernet Sauvignon

Now is a great time, while we’re all stuck inside, to try some new wines! Today, a wine from Revelry Vintners, a relatively new winery founded in 2005 by owner and winemaker, Jared Burns. Jared’s is an interesting story. He grew up in Washington State, and always loved the wines of the Columbia Valley. Wine…MORE

WW Cashmere

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Cashmere Red Blend

Some of the most famous French wines in the world are called Cotes du Rhone, or “from the hillsides of the Rhone (river).” There are many grapes grown in the Rhone River Valley, but the primary grapes found in wines from this region are Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. If someone says they really like a…MORE

WW Troublemaker

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Troublemaker Red Blend

Knowing a good wine used to mean knowing the vintage, or year it was bottled. Most winemakers harvest grapes during a specific year, from a specific area or vineyard, and label their bottles accordingly, but some wines may be labeled “NV,” or non-vintage. Non-vintage wines mean juice from two or more different years are blended…MORE

WW Unshackled

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Unshackled Red Blend

Normally when I see a new bottle of wine in an end-cap display I walk by, but this one caught my eye. A California red blend for less than $25, from The Prisoner wine company? Definitely worth a try. The Prisoner Wine Company has become a top draw for people touring Napa. The tasting room…MORE

Wine Stories: Hanover Winery & the wines of Ohio

Feb 13, 3:15 PM There’s a reason downtown Cincinnati has a Vine Street! Brian Demay talks to winemaker Ed McDonald from Hanover Winery about the history of wine in Ohio, Cincinnati’s German heritage, and how the wine scene on the banks of the Ohio River could have become the Napa of the Midwest, were it…MORE

WW Justin

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Justin Cabernet Sauvignon

I have been on a Paso Robles kick lately. It seems every wine I try lately from this storied region along California’s Central Coast has been excellent. I have mentioned on this blog before how important it is for grapes to be able to cool down at night to preserve freshness and acidity. The term…MORE

WW Daou Cab

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Daou Cabernet

I have really lucked out recently finding stellar wines at truly affordable prices. The DAOU Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is one I have always wanted to try, but the $27 price tag gave me pause. I won’t hesitate to pay that – or more – for a wine I know, but not for an unknown commodity.…MORE

WW Stolen Identity

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Stolen Identity

When I picked up this bottle at the wine store, the manager on duty said, “Good choice: that’s the best bottle of red wine under $20 you can buy.” That is obviously a very subjective statement, particularly if I don’t know the person saying it, but I decided to take it home and see for…MORE

WW J Lohr 7 Oaks

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet

This week’s featured wine literally made me sit up straighter in my chair after my first taste. I looked at the bottle, took another sip, and thought “did I open an expensive bottle by mistake?” As readers of this blog know, I am always searching for affordable wines with exceptional taste, and this wine has…MORE

WW Juggernaut

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Juggernaut Cabernet

I have to hand it to the Bogle family: they have been making high quality, affordable wines for over 50 years now. You may have seen their Phantom label in stores, a rich red blend I have reviewed previously. Juggernaut is their latest venture, a small production division harvesting grapes from their best hillside vineyard…MORE

Wine Stories: The Wines of Central Italy and Tuscany

Part 3 in the “Wines of Italy” series, Brian Demay and sommelier Steve Tartaglia tackle the history of Central Italian wines, including the legend of Chianti’s Black Rooster, and they taste the Montenidoli Vernaccia, a delicious Mocali Rosso Di Montalcino, and the Cirelli La Collina Biologica Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (below). They also discuss the rise of…MORE

WW Scaia Corvina 2

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Scaia Corvina

I talk a lot about oak aging on this blog. Over the years I have learned a lot about the different types of oak barrels winemakers use, and the specific flavors the different types of oak impart to the wines; everything from caramel, cinnamon and vanilla to mocha, oregano and pepper. Each winemaker has a…MORE

Dry Creek

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Dry Creek Heritage Vines Zinfandel

We all have our favorites. I find a really good California Cabernet hard to beat, but often the price of a “good one” puts it out of reach for more than just the occasional drink. I end up trying a bunch of bad ones, my frustration builds, and to restore my faith in reasonably-priced red…MORE

WW Rengo Amarone

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Rengo Amarone

One cold day about 10 years ago my wife and I were at a wine tasting in New York. We tasted a lot of wines that day, none were particularly good. A friend of ours said “When you’re done, come on over to the bar.” We did, and he and his friend had open a…MORE

WW Vecchia Modena

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Cleto Chiarli Premium Lambrusco

I had a revelation this week: could this be the perfect Thanksgiving wine? I think the answer to that question is yes. This dry sparkling Lambrusco from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region is not only delicious on so many levels, but also unbelievably affordable. A wine friend of mine recommended this bottle and I was delighted with…MORE


Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: CS Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

When I was a boy my father smoked a pipe. If you close your eyes and picture a stereotypical professor, that was my Dad: mustache, tweed coat with elbow patches, cup of coffee, pipe, smoke wafting around his head as he graded papers. I never cared for the smell of the pipe smoke, but I…MORE


Wine Stories: Super Premium Napa Cabs

In this podcast, Brian Demay and Wine Ambassador Jim Teegarden from Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits highlight three newly released, super-premium Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons: Caymus Special Selection Cabernet (2015) Joseph Phelps Insignia (2016) & Robert Mondavi The Reserve Cabernet (2016) What makes these wines premium? In this once-in-a-lifetime tasting, Brian and Jim discuss the…MORE

WW Breca 654X515

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Bodegas Breca Garnacha

When you ask yourself what country devotes the most land to vineyards, which comes to mind? France, certainly, possibly the United States, but the fact is the country with the most land devoted to vineyards is Spain, and it’s really not even close. Spain has over 10,000 square miles of vineyards, nearly 3 million acres!…MORE

WW Concha Devil

Brian’s Hallo-Wine Wednesday: Casillero del Diablo “Devil’s Red”

The final selection in my annual Hallo-Wine series is aptly named: Casillero del Diablo means “Cellar of the Devil,” and this particular wine is from the so-called “Devil’s Collection.” And the best part of this wine is the price! But first, some history. In the closing years of the 19th century Don Melchor de Concha…MORE

WW Ghost Pines

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Ghost Pines Red Blend

Another great wine to bring to that Halloween party is this Sonoma red blend from Ghost Pines. Legend has it, iconic winemaker Louis Martini named a vineyard after the native grey pines around it, which appear to hover, ghostlike, at dusk. This wine was a relief to taste – because in preparing for this Hallo-Wine…MORE


Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Bogle Phantom

Another in my series of “Hallo-Wines” is Bogle Phantom. Especially this time of year, this one is hard to miss in stores. Available just about everywhere, with a spooky image of a ghostly smoke creature on the label, this wine looks perfect to bring to a Halloween party…but how does it taste? First, a little…MORE

WW Time Waits For No One

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Time Waits For No One

Part 2 of my Hallo-Wine series features a wine with a skull and crossbones on the label! Trust me, though, don’t let that deter you from trying this delicious Spanish red, which is 100% Monastrell (also known as Mourvedre in France). This is a grape that is said to need “its face in the hot sun…MORE


Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Freakshow Red Blend

Now that it’s getting closer to Halloween, I am going to feature offbeat wines that you can bring to a party. Here is one of my favorites. I admit freely that I am a big fan of Michael David Winery. As a matter of fact, I have liked every single Michael David wine I have…MORE

WW B-Side Cabernet

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: B-Side Cabernet Sauvignon

I haven’t talked much about tannins on this blog, so let’s delve into it a bit, if you’re unfamiliar with the term. Tannins are defined as naturally occurring compounds that exist inside grape skins, seeds and stems. A red wine gets its color from soaking the juice with these skins, seeds and stems, but it…MORE

WW Silver Palm Cabernet

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Silver Palm Cabernet

Every now and then you luck out with a restaurant wine list choice. More on that in a minute. The rules for what grapes go into a particular wine vary from country to country. France has very strict rules for what can be considered Bordeaux, for example, as does Italy for Chianti, Spain for Rioja,…MORE

WW Faithful Hound

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Stellenbosch Faithful Hound

As good as American wines are, there is a wide world of wine out there, and it’s a lot of fun to explore. Take, for example, the Stellenbosch region of South Africa, a university town settled by the Dutch in the late 17th century. Nestled on the banks of the Eerste River and the foothills…MORE

WW The Burn

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Borne of Fire Cabernet

I have written before on this blog about the tremendous wines coming out of Washington State. I was a particular fan of the Duckhorn Canvasback Cabernet previously reviewed, which got a high rating from me despite its $39 price tag. This week’s wine hits a new mark for quality and value. My new favorite Cabernet from…MORE

WW Mt Veeder

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Mount Veeder Cabernet

On a trip to Napa several years ago, I had two Cabernets from the same vineyard, that tasted completely different. Both were very good, but one had a much more interesting flavor, with layers of fruit, spice, and tremendous aroma. I was shocked when I found out that the grape for both wines was the…MORE

WW Siena

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Ferrari-Carano Siena

A question I get a lot from people headed out to Napa or Sonoma is “what winery should I visit?” Ideally you want a place that is gorgeous, with wines that match, and Ferrari-Carano definitely fits the bill. TripAdvisor consistently mentions the gardens at Ferrari-Carano as one of the most beautiful in California wine country,…MORE

WW Cote des Roses

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Cote Des Roses

French wine can be an expensive proposition. Top-shelf Bordeaux and Burgundy run into the hundreds per bottle on the low end, and into the thousands for certain collectible wines. Needless to say, out of the range of most to afford. Thankfully, other regions in France are more accessible to wine lovers, and at the forefront…MORE


Wine Stories: Rose & The Wines of Southern France

Brian Demay and wine ambassador Jim Teegarden of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits discuss French Rosé, and the history of the wines of Southern France, specifically Languedoc. The delicious wines we taste from Gerard Bertrand are: * Cote Des Roses * Ballerine Brut Etoile Rosé * 2016 Cigalus (the wine served at the Nobel Prize…MORE

WW Orion Primitivo

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Orion Primitivo

In the world of wine there are no guarantees, because taste is so subjective. But I’m confident of this: if you like Zinfandel, you’ll enjoy Primitivo, too. For many years America sought to claim Zinfandel as its own indigenous grape, native only to California. It wasn’t until the 1960s that scientists realized Zinfandel was actually…MORE

WW Paraduxx

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Paraduxx

I have been to Napa three times, but still one of my fondest memories was visiting Duckhorn Winery for the very first time. There’s something about the place: a gorgeous tasting room with huge windows overlooking the vineyard, with a beautiful garden and huge trees, under which are set cozy seating and tables. The day…MORE

WW Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Once the weather gets warmer, it’s hard to beat a nice Sauvignon Blanc. Done right, the balance between fruitiness and acidity is perfectly refreshing. Sadly, most inexpensive Sauv Blancs either have no flavor, or basically taste like sweet fruit juice. Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc is a happy exception, and delivers perfect flavor at a very…MORE


Wine Stories Podcast – Wines of Northwest Italy

Brian Demay and sommelier Steve Tartaglia planned to do a “Wines of Italy” segment but realized the regions and history of Italian winemaking are too varied and vast to do only one, so this is the first of a series. Behold: The Wines of Northwest Italy, and specifically the delicious alpine wines of this storied…MORE

WW Canvasback

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Canvasback Cabernet Sauvignon

Until recently, more than 80% of the wine produced in Washington State was consumed in Washington State. Despite over 71,000 square miles of vineyards in the state(!!), for a long time most wine there was made by and for Washington residents. Thankfully, that has changed in a big way, and most big-name wine families are…MORE

WW Rainwater Madeira

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Leacock’s Rainwater Madeira

In honor of Independence Day, I decided to be patriotic and review the wine our Founding Fathers drank to toast the Declaration of Independence way back in July of 1776. It’s a wine that used to be everywhere in Colonial America, but is a bit harder to find these days. I had to go to…MORE

WW Wairau Pinot

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Wairau River Pinot Noir

Although wine making in New Zealand began in the early 1800s, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the world took notice. As I have mentioned previously, the wine that put NZ on the map was Sauvignon Blanc, but lately there have been some very nice 90+ point Pinot Noirs, including this week’s featured wine, from…MORE

WW Infinito

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Infinito

I talk a lot in these reviews about how better wine is made from vines that don’t have the most ideal growing conditions; when you have rich, fertile soil, and incredible moisture, you end up with watery, uninteresting grapes and poor quality wine. Ideally, grape vines should be stressed, with dry conditions that force the…MORE

WW Allegrini

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Allegrini Valpolicella

It’s time to delve into the sometimes confusing world of Italian wines. Like France, Italy names its wines by the region in which it is grown. Valpolicella is a region in Northeast Italy, near the border with Austria. Fun fact: the word means literally “Valley of many cellars.” Needless to say, they have been making…MORE

WW Contrade

Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Contrade Malvasia Chardonnay

One of the first wines I tasted as a young wine explorer was a dessert wine made of the Malvasia grape. It was in Virginia, and the wine steward told those gathered at the tasting that it was a favorite of the founding fathers. Malvasia is one of the grapes used to make Madeira, a…MORE

WW The Spur

Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Murrieta’s Well The Spur

The Livermore Valley wine region is literally where the California wine industry started. It’s where Spanish missionaries planted the first wine grapes in the 1760s. Then in the mid-1800s, Robert Livermore planted the area’s first commercial vineyards. A few years later, winemaking pioneer C. H. Wente arrived and established California Chardonnay in the region. James…MORE

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