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The newest way to wake up in Cincinnati is the Warm Morning Show with Jim Day and Amanda Orlando! Listen weekdays from 5:30-10am for great music (80s, 90s NOW!) and great prizes!

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Teacher of The Week: Mrs. Perica

Meet the Warm 98.5 Teacher of the Week, sponsored by Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, it’s Mrs. Perica a 5th grade teacher at Oakdale Elementary School.MORE


An Easy Way To Find $10,000

Jim found a lot of money, but it pales in comparison to what Gina’s friend found by thousands of dollars. Check out this found money.MORE


A Pool at The Office

Jim found all kinds of items we’re bringing to the office when we return to work.MORE


New Music…by the Dalai Lama

Jim found two new songs. One is by the Dalai Lama and the other is by a computer. Which one is better? Let’s find out…MORE


Good News – Loveland Buses

Loveland City Schools is going national with a video to their Seniors. GoodNewsNetwork just picked up their story. How cool. MORE


“A Helluva Year” A Song of Hope

Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union of Souls wrote an amazing song about hope. Thank you Eliot for being part of Music Theory Thursday. Make sure you check out his other music. He’s a great guy.MORE


Teacher of the Week: Ms. Masanek

The Warm 98.5 Teacher of the Week is Ms. Masanek a Social Studies teacher at Fairfield Crossroads Middle School in Fairfield! Congratulations! She wins lots of great prizes from Kroger, Modern Office Methods, Benken Florist Home Garden, and Brain Balance of Cincinnati.    MORE


Senior Shout-Outs

Loud and proud, call out your favorite Senior for making it to graduation!MORE


“Call Your Mother” The Mother’s Day Song

Our friend Allison Bishop wrote a great song about Mother’s Day. The lyrics are below. “Call Your Mother”, by Allison Bishop Call your mother you know she loves you Call your mother, do it now Today’s her day go make her breakfast Or grab some takeout if you don’t know how You know I spent…MORE


Warm 98.5 Teacher of the Week: Mrs Miller

Congratulations to Mrs. Miller, Kindergarten teacher at Felicity-Franklin Elementary School, she’s the Warm 98.5 Teacher of the Week! Mrs. Miller wins great prizes from Kroger, Benken Florist-Home-Garden, Modern Office Methods and Brain Balance of Cincinnati. MORE


14 Ways to Calm Down When Life is Crazy

Jim and Amanda had a great discussion with a lot of folks on how to stay relaxed and centered in the midst of #StayHome. Here are some ideas from you and your friends! Getting into nature is a big theme, whether it’s finding a nearby natural body of water, hiking trails, or communing with horses,…MORE


Shop Germ Free-It’s Easy

We’re doing better at being safe while grocery shopping, but then we tend to blow it at the checkout and in parking lot when we unload the groceries. Jim and Amanda talked with Kelly Lother, a nurse with Assisted Living Locators of Greater Cincinnati, about how to prevent cross contamination when you leave the house…MORE


Three Easy Ways You Can Disinfect Your Home

Jim and Amanda talk to Patrick from Zerorez and he explains how easy it is for any of us to disinfect our home. Plus, most of us already own some of the best disinfecting solutions. Check this out…MORE


Waffles Made Her the Teacher of the Week

  Ms. Senter’s students love her at New Richmond High School and they really love the waffles she makes for them. Congratulations on being the Warm 98.5 Teacher of the Week! Ms. Senter wins great prizes from Kroger, Modern Office Methods, Benken Florist, Home and Garden Center and Brain Balance of Cincinnati  MORE


Giggle Break with Baby Camden

Jim believes baby giggles help to cut the stress of life and right now life is stressful. So “Choose Happy” and enjoy a giggle break.MORE


I Choose Happy: Technique #2

Here’s the second of five techniques Jim is using to help him “Choose Happy” during our time of social distancing.MORE


Free Audio Books for Your Kids

Amanda found free audio books and Jim loves what Angie Irick did for him. It’s good news as you #HunkerInYourBunker.MORE


I Choose Happy: Technique #1

Jim made a life choice to “Choose Happy” when it comes to his life. He’s come up with five ways to help him get there. If you’d like to “choose happy” too, then give these five techniques a try. Here’s the first way. He’ll share a new way every day this week at 7:40.MORE


He Blows Up Volcanoes

Mr. Wirthwine, a sixth grade teacher at Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary in Liberty Twp., is our Warm 98.5 Teacher of the Week. He loves science and has been known to explode a volcano or two! Congratulations and enjoy your prizes from Benken Florist, Home and Garden Center, Kroger, Modern Office Methods and Brain Balance of…MORE


A Song About Living In Quarantine

Here’s our song about living in quarantine. Our buddy Frankly Speaking came up with some fun lyrics. See if you can find part of your life in the song.MORE


Should Megan Walk Her Sick Friend’s Dog?

Megan doesn’t know if she should help her friend, who is isolated because she’s sick. All Megan has to do is walk her friend’s dog. Listen and tell us what you think.MORE