Saturday Night 80’s Takeover

She really is a steel-town girl on a Saturday night!

Middletown native Cindy Patrick is bringing a new show to Warm 98.5… The Saturday Night 80’s Takeover!

From 7-10 pm every Saturday, Cindy highlights the best of the decade: the music, the memories, and the many, many hairstyles!

There’s something for everyone -whether you lived in the 80’s, were born in the 80’s, or just like the 80’s!

Reach out to Cindy on Facebook and Twitter @onairitscindy, or here!

Cindy Patrick’s love affair with radio began as a teen, and that passion has led to a 25+ year career in broadcasting. In 1992, Cindy graduated from broadcasting school and immediately landed a job as night jock at the former WIMJ-FM in Cincinnati. After stints at WGRR and WHIO, Cindy moved from the area but continued her career at several stations, most notably WJMK-FM/Chicago as Music Director. In 2013, Cindy returned to the tristate and Cincinnati radio, landing at WRRM-FM, where she serves as Promotions Director, Assistant Program Director, and hostess of “The Saturday Night 80s Takeover.”


“Friends-The Musical” Is a Real Thing!

Heading to off-Broadway this fall–“Friends-The Musical!” Could we BE more excited? Its creators, Bob and Tobly McSmith, have been writing and producing pop-culture parodies for the stage for years, including “Saved by the Bell–The Musical” and “90210-The Musical.”MORE

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Hall and Oates Cartoon Explains Their History

We never knew we needed a “History of Hall and Oates” cartoon–til now! Billboard Magazine has published this along with an article about the duo, including tour dates (sadly, Cincinnati is no longer one of the stops.) Hear and watch Daryl and John animatedly explain their beginnings here      MORE


PEEPS–Amazing or Awful?

There are two types of people in the world–Peep LOVERS (I call us PEEPle) and those who hate the marshmallow chick candy. I, Cindy P, am a Peep-aholic. I have loved Peeps my entire life, but they must be yellow, and I prefer chicks to bunnies. Which side are you on? if you hate them,…MORE


Which 80’s Products Were YOUR Go-to?

These products from the 80s were not mere toiletries, they were a way of life! In my tweens, it was all about the Love’s Baby Soft; in college, it became Anais Anais. Tons of Bonnie Bell goodies, thanks to the equivalent of Columbia House records for makeup! Which ones were your go-to’s, and what’s missing?…MORE


NKOTB Have a New Video!

30+ years after they took our hearts (and our sanity, in some cases! lol) New Kids are back with a new video! Click here for just a little taste of what’s coming when they return to Cincinnati on May 16th!        MORE


How to Put Together a Bon Jovi Tour

If you don’t get to join us for the “This House is Not for Sale” show in Columbus, here’s a look at what it takes to get a megaband ready for a national tour:MORE


Stage Fails of Your Favorite Artists

In the great 80s movie, “This is Spinal Tap,” the band experiences many mishaps, including their bassist getting stuck inside a giant pod onstage. The movie was based on real incidents that have happened, and still continue! See what’s happened to real stars like Adele and U2 here  MORE


One-Hit Wonders of the 80s

A “one-hit wonder” is usually an artist or group that had only one single make the Billboard Top 40. Sometimes, the definition is stretched to include acts that may have charted a few times, but they had one single MONSTER hit. Any list like this is bound to lead to discussions! Did your favorite one-hit wonder…MORE


Six 80s Bands on One Bill!

Two of the One-Hit Wonders we spotlighted on The Saturday Night 80s Takeover are hitting the road this summer! Modern English and Katrina (of the Waves) will arrive at Fraze Pavilion 8/6, along with these others 80s artists!

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