Daily Dilemma


Jim and Amanda’s Daily Dilemma-The Parking Lot Tap

Steve is responsible for totaling a car he didn’t even hit…too hard. But his honesty could make him pay for the entire thing. Check out today’s Daily Dilemma and tell us what you would have done. -Jim and Amanda    MORE


Jim and Amanda’s Daily Dilemma-The Butt of the Jokes

Andy’s wife makes fun of him whenever they go out with friends. She’s making funny jokes, but he’s tired of being the butt of her jokes and wants her to stop. How can he make that happen? The Warm family has some great suggestions. MORE

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Jim and Amanda’s Daily Dilemma-My Cheap Husband

What does Emma have to do to get her husband to take her on a date? She’s not sure and is looking for help from the Warm family. Check out some of the suggestions and feel free to add your own.MORE


Jim and Amanda’s Dilemma-The Winter Jacket

Matt’s girlfriend won’t stop wearing the winter jacket her ex-fiancé gave her. There’s a reason for it, but Matt still wants the jacket gone TODAY. Here’s what happened.MORE

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