Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday LIVE: 2017 Intercept Red Blend


The 2017 Intercept Red Blend is from a wine label founded by legendary NFL defenseman Charles Woodson, from Fremont Ohio, but who got into wine while playing for the Oakland Raiders. Training camp was near Napa, and it was there Charles got hooked.

Fast Facts About This Wine:

  • Roble means “oak” in Spanish, Paso Robles translated means Oak Pass, a fabulous wine region located between San Francisco and LA, best known for its huge diurnal shift – a 50 degree temperature swing night to day!
  • This blend is mostly Petite Sirah with Zinfandel, and Petit Verdot
  • Aged in mix of American and Slovenian oak
  • Wow – 16.5% alcohol!! Some buzz on the tongue
  • Flavors: mint chocolate (very unusual!) with plum, raisin, blackberry, and a nice spicy finish.

Did Brian Like This Wine? 

  • YES!
  • And best of all, it’s only $18!

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