All Music Warm-A-Thons


Warm 98.5 is playing more music than ever! Starting at 7:30am every workday, we’re playing all-music Warm-A-Thons EVERY HOUR! And some extra-long Warm-a-thons, too:

  • The 98 Minute Music Warm-a-thon with Jim and Amanda at 8:30am
  • The 54 minute Non-Stop Lunch with Gina Ferraro at 11:50am
  • And the Five O’Clock Happy Hour with Brian Demay – another 54 minute all-music Warm-a-thon at 4:50pm!

All day we’re playing MORE music than ever before to pick you up and make you feel good while you work, with great prizes just for listening, including the $1,000 Stimulus every week – click to sign up!

The most music, the most fun, and Cincinnati’s best workday variety of 80s, 90s NOW!

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