“Call Your Mother” The Mother’s Day Song

Our friend Allison Bishop wrote a great song about Mother’s Day. The lyrics are below.

“Call Your Mother”, by Allison Bishop

Call your mother
you know she loves you

Call your mother, do it now
Today’s her day go make her breakfast
Or grab some takeout if you don’t know how

You know I spent so much time pumping
My boobs will never be the same
I brought the breast milk to the airport
Each bag was checked by TSA

Call your mom she changed your diapers
Those blow ups that went up your back
Get her wine get her chocolate
Don’t forget to call her back

I never get to use the bathroom
By myself anymore
I almost bit it in the kitchen
stepping on Legos on the floor

Call your mom buy her dinner
That woman’s dealt with all your crap
Actual crap from potty training
And the puke that almost fell in your lap

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