You Got This!

We have a winner!!!!! Amanda and I want to congratulate Jessica from Milford. She not only knew the answer to question five, but she’s known it for weeks! It just took daily persistence to get in and be caller number nine. Jessica wins $2,500 from TruPartner Credit Union for knowing all five answers. Thanks everyone for playing and we can’t wait to play again very soon.


You Got This” is back! Listen to Jim and Amanda for your shot at $2,500 every morning!

  • Listen for your chance to call in and play just after 7am
  • Answer all five of Jim and Amanda’s questions correctly
  • Win 2,500 bucks!
  • And this time, the first person to get a question right also wins $100!

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Question Five (Asked on June 1, 2020)

Clue #5 (NEW) The answer isn’t far.

Clue #4 You’re gonna pay for this.

Clue #3 They’re a favorite!

Clue #2 They’ve never even seen the world.

Clue #1 They’ve been around a loooong time!

Incorrect Guesses

  • 06-02 Jessica Nabongo
  • 06-03 The Harlem Globetrotters
  • 06-04 She got stuck on question one so we’ll try again tomorrow!
  • 06-05 Amazing Race cast and crew
  • 06-08 Yo-yo
  • 06-09 Cincinnati roads
  • 06-10 Mistletoe
  • 06-11 Jim and Amanda’s trips to Jamaica to bring back free trips to giveaway on Warm 98.5
  • 06-12 Rotary Club International
  • 06-15 The vehicle that holds the record for the most mileage
  • 06-16 The Olympics
  • 06-17 Runners in the Flying Pig Marathon
  • 06-18 The Rolling Stones
  • 06-19 NASA’s space station
  • 06-22 Bon Jovi
  • 06-23 US Pipeline
  • 06-24 Space X Starlink Satellites
  • 06-25 The roads in China
  • 06-26 Blind audition contestants from The Voice
  • 06-29 NASA flight crews
  • 06-30 The phones weren’t happy today and refused to work during the contest! lol. We’ll play again tomorrow.
  • 07-01 The band Metallica
  • 07-02 Hot air balloons
  • 07-06 The Blue Angels
  • 07-07 Didn’t know 1st question
  • 07-08 Delbert & Glenn
  • 07-09 The Blue Angels
  • 07-10 Longitudinal lines
  • 07-13 The Band Kiss
  • 07-14 Our contestant didn’t know the answer to question one, so we’ll try again tomorrow.
  • 07-15 A whale
  • 07-16 Santa’s reindeer
  • 07-17 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ships
  • 07-20 Google Earth maps
  • 07-21 Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus
  • 07-22 Plastic water bottles
  • 07-23 Hot dogs
  • 07-24 Railroads
  • 07-27 Comets
  • 07-28 Diamonds
  • 07-29 Candy corn
  • 07-30 The exhibit of King Tut, King Tut’s remains
  • 07-31 The World Series
  • 08-03 The Cincinnati Reds
  • 08-04 The roller coasters at Kings Island
  • 08-05 UPS packages
  • 08-06 Graeter’s ice cream

Question Four (Asked on April 27, 2020) “Line these up one after another and you’ll have 51 of them. What are they?”

  • 06-01 WE HAVE A WINNER! Peggy from Anderson says the last clue helped her figure out the answer and because of that she won $100 from TruPartner Credit Union! Listen tomorrow morning at 7:20 and you’ll know the answer too.

Question Three  “My mustache made history as ‘the last’! Who am I? ”

  • 4-24 WE HAVE A WINNER! This question went fast!! Corey knew the answer and picked up $100 from TruPartner Credit Union! Listen tomorrow morning at 7:20 to find out what his answer was.

Question Two (Asked on March 18, 2020) ” You and I together, state your mind. But not in any state, you mind. What am I?”

Question One “Proving you can overcome  anything, she overcame asthma and is worth more than $110 million dollars. Who is she?

  • 03-18 WE HAVE A WINNER! Elizabeth from California, KY knew the answer and won $100 from TruPartner Credit Union. Listen tomorrow morning at 7:20 to find out what her answer was.


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