Amanda Orlando: Bio

Amanda Orlando
5:30am-10am Weekdays

I was born in Florida but since my dad was in the Air Force, we pretty much lived all over, before I settled in Cincinnati after college (UK Baby)! I’ve been on the air here ever since and have done some TV stuff along the way too.  Somehow I convinced my  “Eastside”  raised hubby David, to make the big move to the Westside where we now reside with our 2 kids, Athena and Parker. Pets? Yep. Too Many? Right again. 2 dogs, 1 cat and a parrot named “Naked Pedro”.  Hobbies? That’s funny! I’m a mom and a home owner. Those ARE my hobbies. Finding deals….is that a hobby? Making last minute costumes with a glue gun. Yep. I do that too. Also, I’m addicted to HGTV.  Life is a constant struggle for balance and I have just recently realized, that I may just have to settle for wine.