The Tri-State’s Most Underrated Cities

Photo by JonRidinger (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

THRILLIST just put together a list of the Most Underrated Cities in Each State, which I thought was kind of interesting: for example, did you know that Homer, Alaska is known as a hip, beach community? (I suppose for a month a year it could be…) but here in the Tri-State the most “underrated cities” are…

Columbus, Indiana, which is notes for for its incredible architecture.

Lexington, Kentucky, which Thrillist likes it for its Distillery District, the University of KY – obviously – and the scenic tours of horse country.

And OHIO’s most underrated city is apparently Kent (pictured), which is noted for Kent State University culture, a totally revamped downtown with a great bar scene, and the annual HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL up there, which sounds interesting.

Here’s the rest of the list from! 


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