Battle of the Sexes Flight Video!

The women finally had their day in the Sun. Friday the “Women are Superior” banner finally flew throughout the area as hundreds of listeners called Bob & Marianne with information as to the flying banner’s minute-by-minute location.

The “flying of the banner” was in celebration of the women having won the best of 50 Battle of the Sexes games that comprised season 5.

The celebratory flight was first delayed on Wednesday due to a equipment issue and was again threatened by fog Friday morning. In the drama that followed Wednesdays flight, Marianne had accused Lutz of sabotaging the equipment. However, pilot Jeff Ziegler from It’s Up In The Air Group Inc. – the area’s best known aerial advertising company – was able to explain that Lutz wasn’t responsible for the mishap.

Battle of the Sexes airs at 5:50 and 7:20 AM on Bob & Marianne in the Morning.


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