The Warm Morning Show with Jim and Amanda

The newest way to wake up in Cincinnati is the Warm Morning Show with Jim Day and Amanda Orlando! Listen weekdays from 5:30-10am for great music (80s, 90s NOW!) and great prizes!


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Jim Day
5:30am-10am Weekdays

I’m a Dad, I’m a husband and I love having fun. My wife and I live in Mason – and we love it here! A little about me:

I’ve had the number one country morning show in Dayton, Tulsa and St Louis. I’ve raised over $1.3 million for Children’s Hospital, collected thousands of toys for girls and boys and filled countless semis with supplies for tornado ravaged cities. But, the best part is of my job is connecting with listeners and simply laughing with them every morning.

I believe two things…

  1. The Lord gives us a good day every day…we choose to make it great or choose to make it bad.
  2. Dr. Seuss said it best…”From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” I believe you just have to open your eyes and stop taking every moment of life so seriously.

“Real Life, Real Fun”…oh yeah, and laughing at yourself. If that’s what you like in the morning then join me and Amanda Orlando on Warm 98.5!

Amanda Orlando
5:30am-10am Weekdays

I was born in Florida but since my dad was in the Air Force, we pretty much lived all over, before I settled in Cincinnati after college (UK Baby)! I’ve been on the air here ever since and have done some TV stuff along the way too.  Somehow I convinced my  “Eastside”  raised hubby David, to make the big move to the Westside where we now reside with our 2 kids, Athena and Parker. Pets? Yep. Too Many? Right again. 2 dogs, 1 cat and a parrot named “Naked Pedro”.  Hobbies? That’s funny! I’m a mom and a home owner. Those ARE my hobbies. Finding deals….is that a hobby? Making last minute costumes with a glue gun. Yep. I do that too. Also, I’m addicted to HGTV.  Life is a constant struggle for balance and I have just recently realized, that I may just have to settle for wine.