You Got This!

Warm 98.5 has your chance to win $2,500 every weekday!

Jim and Amanda’s “You Got This” is simple:

  • Listen for the cue to call just after 7am
  • Answer all five of Jim and Amanda’s questions
  • Win $2,500!

Just 5 questions could be your key to winning all that money!

Who’s got this?

You got this, weekdays at 7:20 on Warm 98.5​.

Sponsored by TruPartner Credit Union, your home for mortgage and equity loans.

Question one…”Don’t judge me because I can’t see, like Lady Gaga says, “I was born this way”. What am I? Answered on July 8th by Justin from Middletown. Listen to Jim and Amanda tomorrow morning at 7:20 to hear the answer.

Question two….”I have eight eyes and none in my name. What Am I?”  Answered on July 16th by Sharon in Milford. Listen to Jim and Amanda tomorrow morning at 7:20 to play!

Question three…”You would need more than 160 hands to add up these Cincinnati beauties. What are they?” Answered on September 23rd by Kelsey from Cincinnati.

Question Four…”He has lots of fans, last count over 80 thousand people made the weekly pilgrimage to hang out with him. Who is he?” Answered on November 11th by Cathy from Cincinnati. If you missed Cathy’s answer, then make sure you’re listening tomorrow morning at 7:20. Good luck, someone is going to win $2,500 from TruPartner Credit Union and it might as well be you!

Question Five

  • Nov 11, The winner
  • Nov 12, She did not know the answer to question three
  • Nov 13, Lettuce
  • Nov 14, The President of the United States
  • Nov 15, A coin
  • Nov 18, Front runner



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