Brian Demay’s Wine Wednesday: Justin Cabernet Sauvignon

I am becoming more and more a fan of Paso Robles, along California’s Central Coast. I have mentioned on this blog before how important it is for grapes to be able to cool down at night to preserve freshness and acidity. The term for this is called diurnal shift, and Paso Robles offers the widest day-night temperature swings of any grape-growing region in California!

Someone who knows this probably better than anyone is Justin Baldwin, who bought 160 acres in Paso Robles way back in 1981, and has made quite a name for himself ever since, even winning Wine Enthusiast magazine’s American Winery of the Year award in 2016.

Justin has a long history of producing quality, award-winning wines, and their Cabernet Sauvignon is available locally for $20 or less, making it definitely a must-buy. 

The 2016 Justin Cabernet is very aromatic with notes of black cherry, black currant, spicy oak and tobacco. Pull the cork and you’ll find more ripe black cherry flavor with a touch of raspberry, but this is a bold, dry wine with baking spices, cinnamon and nice firm tannins which balances the fruit.

The result is a really solid go-to red that’s great with variety of foods from pasta to burgers to pizza, not to mention steak. This is a nice dinner wine at a reasonable price.

On my five-cork scale based on taste and value, the 2016 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon gets four corks! If you haven’t picked up a bottle of Justin yet, let this be your incentive.

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