Zoo on the Move!


This is a kid on an average school day…

Mom: “So, how was school today?

Kid: “eh …ok”

This is a kid whose class had a visit from the Cincinnati Zoo…

Mom: “So, how was school today?

Kid: “Mom, we got to see a hedgehog! And, there was this really weird hissing cockroach, and a boa constrictor, and…”


Hey teachers, spark more meaningful conversations with your class. Give them a visit from some of the amazing animals at the Cincinnati Zoo, with “Zoo on the Move!” A knowledgeable zoo educator will engage the class in a fun and interactive program highlighting the amazing adaptations and survival stories of 3 zoo animal ambassadors. ​

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Brian will have a live visit with the animals on the first Monday of every month…check out the videos on FB!


Zoo on the Move 2019!

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